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SPORT Clinic of Greater Milwaukee Inc. has been providing quality rehabilitation and sport conditioning in the Metro Milwaukee area for 35 years.   SPORT Clinic of Greater Milwaukee provides the highest quality of rehabilitation services through continued manual and exercise based therapeutic interventions.  We are committed to helping all individuals achieve the highest possible level of physical function and quality of life.  We focus not only on complete and through treatment programs but also on preventive care as well as on unique programs to meet each patient’s specific needs and making a difference in each of our patients lives.  Our staff’s dedication and experience enables us to excel in our industry since we opened in 1981.


SPORT Clinic of Greater Milwaukee Inc. goals are to help individuals regain or rehabilitate to their maximum functional and/or fitness potential.  We assist individuals in recovering from an injury or surgery by using pain-reduction treatments and restoring mobility. 


SPORT Clinic of Greater Milwaukee Inc. also assists those individuals looking to improve their physical fitness for performance enhancement by first evaluating their current level of musculoskeletal flexibility, strength, and balance.  We then design a program for the individual and monitor their progress.  This self-paced program of evaluation and “as-needed follow up” will help the individual progress their training program to attain their highest level of performance.


SPORT Clinic Of Greater Milwaukee provides access to convenient quality car for many Milwaukee residents.  We also provide a well lit parking lot with front door parking and are located right off the freeway.



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